"Gitonia tis Irinis" means "The Neighbourhood of Peace" and it is a small complex of traditional and independent small houses characteristic of the Cycladic islands, near the port of Koufonisi island. The peaceful houses are all built within a large courtyard filled with flowers. They were all designed and built by Antonis Mavros himself., who managed, starting from a basis of pre-existing buildings, to create a unique complex of autonomous rooms, small cool patios and relaxation areas surrounded by gardens.

Little house Apartments in Koufonisia - Accommodation in Koufonisi

The materials used are mainly local. Stones which were whitewashed with care while the evidence of cement is only on the flooring painted over in different colours.The roofs of the houses are traditional for coolness, while the patios are covered by thatched tops made of reeds collected from the ravines of the surrounding islands.

The doors are decorated with old latches with great big iron keys carrying us back to an era of innocence.
The doors are painted in the summer: blues, and greens like the windows.

We welcome you to stay in these lovely little house filled with peace and joy